As a result of my love for eating, cooking and photographing food, I’ve started a blog to document my cooking, and to share my recipes. If you already follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I like to photograph the food I make. However, I never have the opportunity to share the recipes behind the photos.
I love modifying existing recipes as well as creating my own. My boyfriend is a vegetarian, so I now tend to cook almost entirely meat-free food; this has forced me to be more innovative. I’ve surprised myself by discovering plenty of interesting and nutritious options to substitute meat.
As I’m originally Turkish, I’ve grown up with a diet highly influenced by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food. The foods I am used to contain a lot of vegetables, pulses, and flavours, which don’t need meat to be fulfilling and nutritious. Many of my favourite dishes come from that part of the world and a lot of my own cooking is directly influenced by Turkish cuisine, particularly from family recipes.
Despite prevailing perceptions, Turkish cuisine includes a vast amount of vegetarian dishes, and those which incorporate meat or seafood can often be easily modified. The majority of my cooking is made up of my own interpretations of these traditional recipes, which I have turned into more contemporary and healthy vegetarian options.
All I have to do is wait for my new camera battery to arrive so I can get cooking and photographing! Until then, I’ve posted a few photos from my Instagram. Enjoy!
instagram photos

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